Con-Dek™ System
One Advanced Decking System
Diagram Proven Acoustical and Waterproofing performance with the DEK C-MENT™ and Con-Dek™ System

Dek C-Ment is a high-strength underlayment designed specifically for installation with Pli-Dek’s Con-Dek Waterproof Deck Coating System. Project applications include personal balconies, common areas, and corridors. Dek C-Ment is approved for use over wood frame, steel deck and concrete construction.

The Con-Dek System is a durable, yet flexible waterproof deck coating designed for use over above-grade concrete substrates. The Con-Dek System provides a wide variety of finish options that offer ultraviolet protection, skid-resistance, and a Class “A” fire rating.

Together, the Dek C-Ment and Con-Dek System provides enhanced acoustical performance with a lightweight waterproof deck coating, for the overall project value today’s building owners and developers demand. With over 100 UL listings, Dek C-Ment also adds enhanced fire control to your project. It’s also GREENGUARD Gold (formerly Children & Schools℠) Certified, ensuring an eco-friendly project.

MaxxExterior and Pli-Dek

A Partnership of Innovation
MaxxExterior and Pli-Dek—together offering enhanced acoustical performance and fire control in exterior waterproof deck coatings.

  • Raising the standards for underlayment systems and exterior, above-grade waterproof decking
  • Ability to upgrade sound performance with a variety of sound control mats
  • Over 100 UL Listings
  • Over 70 years combined industry experience in underlayments and waterproof deck coatings

To benefit from “sound waterproofing solutions” on your next project, contact Pli-Dek or MaxxExterior today.